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The photographer, Mr Yip Cheong-Fun , was elected Honorary Outstanding Photographer of the Century by the photographic Society of New York for his artistic achievements and for Seascape. He was conferred the 1984 Cultural Medallion by the Government of the Republic of Singapore for artistic excellence and contributions to Photography. Poem by Andrew Yip, Author, Chinatown-Different Exposures, and other publications, psychologist, Educationist, and UNESCO Fellow.
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Updates: Jul 2023

Photographs of Yip Cheong Fun. Be a proud owner of Singapore Heritage. Reprints of this rare collection available.

Email: andrewyip181@hotmail.com

__Teach Me
__Photo: Mr Yip Cheong-Fun

" Teach me to live under the sun,
To learn, to work and to have fun.
Mould me like the potter's clay,
Fill and inspire me each day."

"Live then like the eternal sun,
Bright, warm and pure like its rays.
Light up the lives of everyone.
Love your folks and cherish them always.

Seek your true self; know your soul,
and feel the filial piety in your heart.
Then have a vision of your role and goal,
In school, home and society for a start.

By all means, enjoy life and have fun,
If it goes with caring and sharing that's kind.
There's fun in work for everyone -
If it does engage his passion and mind.

Be careful then how you live in joy or sorrow.
Dwell in humility and wisdom each day.
As you learn to number your days, you'll know
That you may be the potter, not the clay.

Andrew Yip, Author, Chinatown - Different Exposures

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